Restaurant Dining Hall Large Service Reception Counter Desk

Product Details:

Item No.:VG-RE-3

Size:L.4500*W.750*H.1100 MM & Customized

Material: Solid Surface

Color: Customized

Producing Time: 20 working days.

Optional: color

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Restaurant Dining Hall Large Service Reception Counter Desk

The advantages of solid surface: Easy to clean, seamless jointing,flame retardant material, repairable, hard texture, high strength,

high temperature resistance, no radiation pollution, easy processing, easy to shape, tough, not easy to break.

One Stop Solution Service, we provide design, production, transportation, customs clearance and other door to door services.

10 years of rich solid surface furniture experience.(bar counter, reception desk, office furniture, display counter,sink,conference table,kitchen counter

and other customized solid surface products)

Fumigation-free plywood packaging

anti-scratch foam

dustproof film packaging

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